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Jared started his career in book publishing at Alfred A. Knopf. In 2003 he joined Random House’s rights management department as Subsidiary Rights Associate, initially for the Crown Publishing Group and later for Knopf.


In 2011 Jared made the jump from book publisher to literary agency, joining Janklow & Nesbit Associates as Foreign Contracts Coordinator. At Janklow Jared oversaw the production of more than 450 contracts per year.  He joined Cullen Stanley International as Contracts and Finance Manager in 2017.


A native New Englander, Jared graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Philosophy and Psychology. Outside of his professional work, Jared has a passion for music. He plays the drums, guitar and piano in various musical projects, and enjoys studying music history and ethnomusicology.  

Jared Parke Barron Contracts and Finance Manager Cullen Stanley International Agency Inc Janklow & Nesbit University of Texas UT Austin Random House Subsidiary Rights Crown Publishing Knopf

Contracts and Finance Manager

Jared Parke Barron

Stephanie Koven

Founder | Literary Agent

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Stephanie Koven began her publishing career in 1993 as Assistant Editor at Grand Street. In 1995, she left to work with Carol Brown Janeway at Alfred A. Knopf. During her 13 years at Knopf, Stephanie had the dual position of Assistant Editor and Foreign Rights Manager.  She worked to publish many best-selling authors in the US, often in translation, and was also responsible for selling UK and translation rights to internationally best-selling works, including Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners, Kay Redfield Jamison’s An Unquiet Mind, Sherwin B. Nuland’s How We Die, Edward O. Wilson’s Consilience, Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy, Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, and all of John Updike’s titles.


In 2008, Stephanie joined Janklow & Nesbit Associates as an agent, representing authors in the US and international markets. The work Stephanie has sold abroad includes Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, Jill Lepore’s Book of Ages, Joanna Rakoff’s My Salinger Year, Steven Weinberg’s To Explain the World, Michael Punke’s The Revenant, Lev Grossman's Magicians Trilogy, and books in many other genres, including middle grade and YA.


In January 2017, Stephanie founded Cullen Stanley International with her long-time colleague Cullen Stanley. Most recently she has represented David Coggins' Men and Style and Men and Manners, Matthew Viragh's The Nitehawk Cookbook, and Joy Rhoades' novels The Woolgrower's Companion and The Burnt Country. Internationally, she has handled Andre Aciman's Call Me By Your Name and Find Me, YA best seller Angie Thomas' On The Come Up and, in nonfiction, Ronan Farrow's War On Peace and Catch and Kill 


Stephanie graduated with a BA in Literature from The George Washington University in 1989. She spent her junior year at Antioch’s University’s literature program in London. Stephanie is currently a literary curator at Pen + Brush.

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