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We have more than 25 years experience working with publishers in every country around the world. Our strength lies in the relationships we have cultivated with international editors, our knowledge of their individual markets, and our understanding of their interests. We offer fine-tuned negotiating skills, knowledge of contractual terms, and experience managing successful publications abroad. In addition to attending the major international book fairs, we welcome foreign editors regularly to our offices in New York. During these meetings, we pitch our clients’ work, share market trends, and cement the relationships that are at the center of our professional lives.


In working with us, authors, agencies and publishers have the benefit of direct representation, which produces better communication and financial results.

In several markets where we feel it's an advantage to our clients, we have successful partnerships with sub-agents.

To schedule a meeting, learn more about our list, inquire about specific titles, or discuss the possibility of international literary representation, please contact us at or at 917 677-4074.

Our Sub-Agents

Please send inquiries regarding these foreign rights to the appropriate sub-agent.


Prava i Prevodi

Ms. Ana Milenkovic


Japan Uni

Ms. Miko Yamanouchi


Bardon Chinese

Mr. David Tsai (fiction)

Ms. Annie Chen (nonfiction) (asst.)


Imprima Korea Agency

Mr. Terry Kim

745 Fifth Avenue, Suite 500, New York, NY 10151 | 917 677 4074

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